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COMBES François

The shipment size in interurban freight transport : from microeconomic    

Thesis Director : Fabien LEURENT

François COMBES is a Ph-D in Transport Engineering. He is a civil servant of MEEDDAT, French Ministry of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Development.

- Thesis Summary Most spatialised models of the demand for freight transport rely on more or less accurate representations of the freight transport system as an economic sector. The relevancy of these representations, as well as the quality of the databases used for parameter calibration are critical for those models’ realism.
We propose a comprehensive systemic representation of the freight transport system which highlights some of the major economic drivers underlying the freight transport demand and constitutes, and of which the design constitues a sound basis to build a numeric spatialised model. We also examine how some existing data collection protocols can be upgraded at little cost and provide better information on the motor carriers productivity. Finally, we develop some simple microeconomic models using which we examine first the linkage between the motor carriers technical constraints and the rates they offer, thus providing a first step towards endogenising the trucks loading factors in freight transport demand spatialised model, second how one can model a firm’s logistics imperatives and how they drive the firm’s demand for freight transport.