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AW Thierno

The design and evaluation of urban planning scenarios for the city of Marne-la-Vallée.    

Thesis director : Jean Laterrasse | Framers : Fabien Leurent, Anne Aguiléra

Thierno AW is a Ph-D in transport engineering at Université Paris-Est The thesis is financed thought an INRETS and Ile-de-France Region partnership. The defense is due early 2009.

  • Thesis summary :
    The new town of Marne-la-Vallée is a typical example of the coordination of transportation networks and urban planning policy : its linear development along two major axes, the highway A4 and the line A of the regional rail network (RER), was intended to provide a long term travel solution. Today, this original model is being seriously questioned, as it did not take into account the internal movements of the new town which have been continually increasing for the last 20 years. The actors involved in the planning and development of the new town at both the national and local levels of government have taken note of this fact and are searching for solutions which will not only reinforce of internal networks, but will also strive to better master the relationship between transportation networks and planning. Within this context, this thesis develop a modeling tool that permits the integration of transportation management into the more general vision of urban planning.
  • Thesis objectives :
  1. Analyze the relationships between transportation and urban planning using existing theories, and determine the constitutive elements and causes of the current territorial crisis as well as the problems posed by its progression.
  2. Explore, in the concrete case of Marne-la-Vallée, the possibility of applying certain theoretical developments operationally, starting with the definition and evaluation of different scenarios.