Operating public transportation systems for travelers in urban settings is a technical field for which very little research and academic literature are available.
Our research attempts to describe the fundamental technical aspects of public transportation system operations. mainly by producing a summary description of the implementation plan of Specific Site Public Transportation Projects [SSPT] within France through reserving space and automation on the one hand, and by describing the functional aspect of the public transportation system on the other hand.
We propose to define the term « operation » and to contextualize the operational performance which relies on the microscopic analysis of operating conditions. We consider that the detailed measurement of the systems operating conditions allow an understanding of the operational performance level.
Our demonstration relies on the collection and analysis of actual detailed data related to the conditions of operation of different SSPT. The systems analyzed are line 4 of the BRT of the Nanais Network, Line 1 of the tramway from the Montpellier network, and Lina A of the automatic metro GoA4 in the Toulouse network.
The objective of this research is to validate a technique of microscopic analysis of actual operation data across results from three different types of SSPT in order to enrich the current system planning and the conception of future systems.

Key words : SSPT, operating, operational performance, microscopic analysis