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What role is possible for a public transit operator in the regulation of urban freight transport ?   

Thesis director : Jean Laterrasse | Framer : Laetitia Dablanc

This thesis will analyze the mixing of passenger travel and freight distribution in urban areas, and specifically in Paris (which was “naturally” chosen for the study area). The principal objective is to respond to the question “What role can a public transit operator play in urban freight distribution ?” This study has four principal axes : · Roadway management : how bus and delivery traffic be better reconciled ? · Relay deliveries : what can train and transit stations contribute ? · Freight transport : can passenger and freight transport be mixed ? · Purchases : how can public transit be made more attractive for shoppers ? After having examined these questions, we shall evaluate the possible services associated with each axis and the role that a public transit operator could play in providing these services, based on its know-how, powers, and responsibilities.

  • University : UMLV
  • Beginning : nov 2005
  • Defence : oct 2007
  • Financing : CIFRE-RATP