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Urban change and transportation infrastructure : examining causality   

Thesis director : Jean-Pierre Orfeuil (Créteil, University of Paris XII) | Framer LVMT : Caroline Gallez

This thesis will study the interaction between urban growth and transportation system development. The general problem is the following : How can we evaluate the effects of transportation network development on the growth and organization of an urban region ? Considering that commuter travel has historically structured the interaction between urban growth and transportation infrastructure development, we have chosen to concentrate on changes in the localization of employment and housing in the Parisian region. The timescale of our investigation will be approximately 30 years, and our work will concentrate on polycentrism and transportation infrastructure. It will address on one hand the impact of transportation infrastructure on sprawl, examining the differences between the effects of rail networks and those of road networks, and on the other hand disruptions in the progression of sprawl from the main center toward the periphery caused by the presence of secondary centres (i.e. traditional urban centres or new cities).

  • University : Paris XII, INRETS
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