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AW Thierno

The design and evaluation of urban planning scenarios for the city of Marne-la-Vallée.

Thesis director : Jean Laterrasse | Framers : Fabien Leurent, Anne Aguiléra

Thierno AW is a Ph-D in transport engineering at Université Paris-Est The thesis is financed thought an INRETS and Ile-de-France Region partnership. The defense is due early 2009. Thesis summary : The new town of Marne-la-Vallée is a typical example of the coordination of transportation networks and urban planning policy : its linear development along two major axes, the highway A4 and the line A of the regional rail network (RER), was intended to provide a long term travel solution. Today, (...)



Microeconomic analysis of urban space congestion

Thesis director : Fabien Leurent

Vincent BRETEAU is PhD student in urban and transport economics at Université Paris-Est Thesis summary The thesis deals with the in detail analysis of spatial externalities in urban transport and land use. It entails several objectives : to define, in analogy to the transport world, what may consitute urban space congestion ; to analyze the consequences of this congestion externality on the urban markets (and particularly the real estate market) ; to work out corrective strategies. Keywords (...)


COMBES François

The shipment size in interurban freight transport : from microeconomic

Thesis Director : Fabien LEURENT

François COMBES is a Ph-D in Transport Engineering. He is a civil servant of MEEDDAT, French Ministry of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Development. Thesis Summary Most spatialised models of the demand for freight transport rely on more or less accurate representations of the freight transport system as an economic sector. The relevancy of these representations, as well as the quality of the databases used for parameter calibration are critical for those models’ realism. We propose a (...)



Modelling economical markets at the regional scale

Thesis Director : Fabien Leurent

Nicolas COULOMBEL is a Ph-D in Transport Engineering at Université Paris-Est. He is a civil servant of MEEDDAT, French Ministry of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable Development. Thesis Summary This thesis aims to analyze and develop new methods for modelling economical markets at the regional scale, focusing on the links between economic activity, transport and location choices of economic agents (households and companies). Thesis objectives assessing current land-use transport (...)



Disaggregated mode choice and destination modeling for voyagers in urban environments. Development of the RATP’s IMPACT model for the Parisian region

Thesis director : Fabien Leurent | Framer at RATP : Catherine Saut

Felipe GARCIA is a PhD in transport engineering at Université Paris-Est. His thesis is financed by public private parternship (CIFRE). Ph-D defense is due in 2009. Thesis summary In major urban areas, it is essential to know the factors influencing individuals’ travel choices, as well as the effects of changes in transportation policies on demand. This thesis will deal with the analysis and modelling of transportation mode and destination choices in an urban area, from an economic (...)


LIU Kaisheng

Modelling of passenger’s multimodal route choice in urban transport networks

Thesis director : Fabien Leurent

Kaisheng LIU is a Ph-D in transport engineering at Université Paris-Est He has received a grant from Ile-de-France Region to complete his Ph-D His defense is programmed early 2009 Thesis summary This research project concerns the analysis and modelling of passengers’ route choice in an urban environment. Here, the “route” includes every possible combination of the various modes of transport, collective or individual, over the course of a door-to-door trip. It is investigated in the RATP (...)