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PRADEL Benjamin

Temporary urban events : social representations, collective uses and urban planning challenges (eg. Paris-Plage)   

Thesis Director : F. Godard | Advisor : M.-H. Massot

Thesis abstract

For a long time, the accumulation of functions and the geographic centrality explained the large attendance of city centers. Today, their uniqueness is growing weaker because of the dissipation of function and the mobility increasing. As a signal of urbanity, public spaces’ animation is becoming an issue in urban competition. Consequently, the party is used as tool of gathering. Instrumentalization of party by urban planning produced new territories which retread the principles of functional urbanism defined in the 70’s and 80’s. Urban action has been renewed around festive symbolism and worked in the rebuilding of central public spaces uniqueness. It tries to create use of spaces designating common times and she hopes their collective validation.

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  • University : UPEMLV
  • Beginning : End of 2005
  • Defense : End of 2008
  • Financing : French Ministry of Education and Research