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Seminar « Calibrating LUTI models » 25 february 2016   

25 february 2016

25 february 2016

Taking advantage of the visit of Tomas de la Barra in LVMT supported by UPE, LVMT is organising a seminar on the topic of LUTI models calibrations, with a strong focus on Tranus model calibrations. Ongoing efforts in LUTI models currently bears on the calibrations process, a highly time consuming and complex task in any modelling work. New methods under development let expect to reduce the duration of this phase from months to weeks.

Date : 25 february 2016

Location : Marne la Vallée Bienvenüe building room B015

Organiser : Nicolas Coulombel


  • 14h00 Nicolas Coulombel (LVMT) "State of the art of LUTI model calibration"
  • 14h45 Tomas de la Barra (Central University of Venezuela) "Calibrating Tranus model"
  • 15h30 Laurent Gilquin (Inria) "Parameter estimation in Tranus through optimisation and sensitivity analysis"
  • 16h15 Peter Sturm (Inria) "Using shadow prices in calibrating Tranus model"

End of meeting 17h00