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Project Corri-Door   

Deploying, testing, operating and monitoring a pilot of 200 new interoperable and multi-standard fast-charging stations for electric vehicles in France

The project (April 2014 - December 2015)

The project consists in the deployment of 200 multi-standard and interoperable fast-charging stations throughout France, along the main highways that connect large urban centers and towns. It is funded by INEA and by the partnerhip of EDF-Sodetrel (leader), Renault, Nissan, BMW, Volkswagen and ParisTech.

Our contribution at LVMT for ParisTech

LVMT contributes to the WorkPackage 4, led by ParisTech, with the aim of exploring the impact of Corri-Door on :

- the evolution of the plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) market (Task 4.1) ;
- the uses of charging stations by PEV drivers (Task 4.2).

The studies are carried out by Virginie Boutueil, Manon Eskenazi, Fabien Leurent, Jesus Miranda, Eleonora Morganti and in cooperation with Magali Pierre (EDF R&D).

Task 4.1 Interim Report (March 2015)

PEVs in France : Market trends and key drivers of their short-term development

This interim report for Task 4.1 looks into the current sales and market trends for electric vehicles worldwide, as well as in several European countries, and brings out a set of factors that are likely to influence the French market for PEVs in the short term (2020).

We identify three main factors as key drivers of the uptake of PEVs in Europe and in France in the near-term future :

- Technology improvements and purchase subsidies to reduce the retail price of PEVs ;
- Standardisation throughout Europe, as defined by the 2014 EU Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure, to lay the ground for wider consumer acceptance ; and
- Deployment of fast-charging infrastructure (together with conventional and semi-fast chargers), to reduce “range anxiety” and to promote the use of PEVs for long-distance trips.

Voir en ligne : 2013-EU-92055-S