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SIMON Gwendal

Navigating the city : Tourist mobility in Paris.   

Thesis director : Francis Godard

The objective of this thesis is to understand the mobility patterns of tourists during their visits to Paris. How these patterns influence their choices regarding places, transportation modes, and navigation tools when faced with the novel social and urban context which surrounds them, and how does this mobility support their tourism plans ? How is mobility used by this group to support the decisions, strategies, and expectations of their tourist stay in Paris ? We may classify tourists by referring to the various methods used in constructing their movements (more « autonomous » or more « assisted »), and their plans and mobility choices (from wandering about on foot to guided transport in a tour bus) reveal their relationship to the city, marked either by a desire for experiences offering more « frontal » contact with the city (discovery tourism) or by the desire to verify in situ the most visible signs of Parisian tourism (ritual tourism).

  • University : UMLV
  • Beginning : End of 2003
  • Defense : 2008
  • Financing : research partnership with RATP (CIFRE)