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LIU Kaisheng

Modelling of passenger’s multimodal route choice in urban transport networks   

Thesis director : Fabien Leurent

Kaisheng LIU is a Ph-D in transport engineering at Université Paris-Est He has received a grant from Ile-de-France Region to complete his Ph-D His defense is programmed early 2009

  • Thesis summary
    This research project concerns the analysis and modelling of passengers’ route choice in an urban environment. Here, the “route” includes every possible combination of the various modes of transport, collective or individual, over the course of a door-to-door trip. It is investigated in the RATP engineering projects development, and will contribute to the development of the GLOBAL model of RATP, which is applied in the evaluation of investment plans. This model allows the simulation of various modifications to the transit supply and the anticipation of their effects on demand (in terms of the flows on different axes and during different time periods).
  • Thesis objectives :
  1. Improve the modelling of multimodal route choice
    This shall be done by better representing :
    • the qualitative aspects of service (comfort, transfers)
    • combinations of services (line choice between parallel possibilities, according to various criteria)
    • types of passenger behaviour (the segmentation of users)
  2. Grounding the model statistically :
    Modelled multimodal itineraries shall be compared against those observed in the 2001 General Transport Survey (EGT), using an ad hoc statistical methodology and route choice parameter estimators.