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Federico Martellozzo  

Telephone :  +33 181 668 898

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I am currently appointed as a Post Doctoral fellow at LVMT and My research is financed by Labex Futurs Urbains. My current research aims to investigate an develop an innovative framework to study energy consumption and "fuel poverty/vulnerability" at the household level.

Untill December 2012 I was enrolled as a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Geography Department at McGill University in Montreal. I worked in prof. Navin Ramankutty’s LUGE research group. I mainly focused on issues pertaining sustainability in urban areas, such as: urban sprawl, urban-agriculture interaction, and urban food production. In 2010/2011 I have been appointed as a "Canadian Bureau for International Education and the Bureau of Foreign Affairs" Postdoctoral fellow.

In may 2010, I received my PhD in Italy at the University of Trieste in Political and Economic Geography, during which I spent one year as a Visiting Fellow at the University of California - Santa Barbara, to study urban sprawl modeling techniques, under the supervision of Prof. Keith Clarke. For my Master Thesis, I investigated social, economic and environmental impacts of oil exploitation in a small region in central Africa (southern Chad).

My Research

I am currently working on urban energy consumption, energy poverty and vulnerability. The current research aims to address the "fuel poverty" issue not only for whom is currently vulnerable, but also try to develop a framework that can help identifying who is potentially vulnerable and prone to fuel-insecurity due to several hipotetic factors such as market shocks and job loss.

My research theme could be characterized as Urban System Evolution Dynamics. I am interested in the investigation of human/environment interactions in urban context over space and time. In particular, I focus on the evolution of spatial urban patterns, and the interactions with the surrounding environment, both at the local and at the global scale. I studied the sprawl of urban areas, focusing on multi temporal spatial dynamics using social and environmental time series data. Currently I am also looking at the potential for urban areas to improve food security and design a more sustainable development.

Recent Pubblications

F. MARTELLOZZO et al. 2013 (working paper). Quantitative assessment of Urban Agriculture potential to contribute to current global food demand.

F. MARTELLOZZO et al. 2013 (working paper). Urban expansion and loss of highly-suitable land for agriculture in the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor.

F. MARTELLOZZO, 2012. Forecasting high correlation transition of agricultural landscapes into urban areas. Diachronic case study in north-eastern Italy. In: Special Issue IJAEIS - Analysing, Modelling and Visualizing Spatial Environmental Data. Issue 2, Volume 3, July 2012. IGI Global.

F. MARTELLOZZO, K. C. CLARKE, 2012. Urban Sprawl and the quantification of spatial dispersion. In: Geographic Information Analysis for Sustainable Development and Economic Planning: New Technologies, edited by Dr. Giuseppe Borruso, Dr. Stefania Bertazzon, Dr. Andrea Favretto, Dr. Beniamino Murgante & Dr. Carmelo Maria Torre. Pp. 129-142.

F. MARTELLOZZO, K.C. CLARKE, 2011. Measuring Urban Sprawl, Coalescence and Dispersal: The case study of Pordenone, Italy. Environment and Planning B. 2011, volume 38, issue 6, pp. 1085-1104.

F. MARTELLOZZO, 2008. Desertification as a social and environment risk. The case of lake Chad. In: Ambiente società e territorio. 05/08. Pp 3-7.

F. MARTELLOZZO, 2008. For a sustainable tourism in Chad. The case of the National Park of Zakouma and CURESS project. In: Geography for a sustainable and eco-compatible tourism – Edited by Carlo Donato

M. MASTRONUNZIO, F. MARTELLOZZO, 2007. At National AIC Symposium “Cartography in teaching Geography”, Verona (IT) - The use of thematic cartography in teaching geography: the perception of Italian and European countries. Published in the Conference Proceedings.

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