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Fares : Assessments of whether fare rises in the Ile de France region are appropriate   

Thesis director : Jean Laterrasse

Private transport has adapted better than public transport to travel patterns that are changing depending on the place, the reason and the time. Because they depend on the transport mode chosen by the passenger and also produce revenue, fares appear to offer an interesting solution to difficulties.

Although the impact of fare rises would be marginal compared to an increased public transport offer, our simulations (IMPACT4) have shown that several avenues for improvement were available. First of all, there is room for manœuvre in public transport fares for occasional trips, to attract new « solvent » users. However, for commuter fares, which are already highly attractive, only a thorough reform of the fare structure appears to be suitable. Furthermore, making car drivers pay an urban toll rather than a carbon tax appears to be more effective where redistribution measures on top of lower prices or improved service offer are implemented alongside.

  • University : ENPC
  • Beginning : nov 2005
  • Defence : fébruary 5 2008
  • Financing : CIFRE-RATP

Key words : Public transport, fares, urban toll, choice of transport mode, modelling, travel costs.