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EVENT - september 2012 - International scientific conference EWGT 15th   

September 10-13

EWGT 2012 is the 15th meeting of the Euro Working Group on Transportation.

This edition will focus on Energy Efficient Transportation Systems.

It will be held on september 10-13, 2012, in Cité Descartes, near Paris, France.

Since 1992, the annual meeting of the Euro Working Group on Transportation is a unique opportunity for attendants to share research results in analysing, monitoring, modelling, forecasting and decision aiding in transportation and logistics systems.

Selected papers will be published in special issues of well-known transportation journals including Transportation Research Part C,Part E, and others.

The program of the meeting will include the following topics :

•Transportation Planning and Design

•Transportation Policy (including land use and pricing)

•Network Design and Maintenance

•Traffic Management and Network Operations

•Traffic Modelling and Control

•Fleet Management and Transportation Sharing

•Vehicle Routing and Travel Behavior

•Logistics and Supply Chain Management

•Intermodality and Hub Management

•Operating Models for Electric/Hybrid Mobility

•Modelling and Evaluation of Environmental Impacts

•Reliability and Quality of service

More information on the website of the conference :