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Disaggregated mode choice and destination modeling for voyagers in urban environments. Development of the RATP’s IMPACT model for the Parisian region   

Thesis director : Fabien Leurent | Framer at RATP : Catherine Saut

Felipe GARCIA is a PhD in transport engineering at Université Paris-Est. His thesis is financed by public private parternship (CIFRE). Ph-D defense is due in 2009.

- Thesis summary In major urban areas, it is essential to know the factors influencing individuals’ travel choices, as well as the effects of changes in transportation policies on demand.

This thesis will deal with the analysis and modelling of transportation mode and destination choices in an urban area, from an economic perspective and in a disaggregated manner. IMPACT, a model developed by RATP (Paris public transport operator), will be used.

- Thesis objectives

  1. improvement of the joint modelling of mode and destination choices, focusing on the shopping trips
  2. various extensions of the model in question, as for example the P&R trips.

This thesis will be conducted as part of CIFRE contract between the LVMT and the RATP (Development and Territorial Action Department, Studies and Modelling Unit).