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An analysis of the relationship between transportation infrastructure and the evolution of the urban fabric : the case of the Metro network in the dense zone of the Paris region.   

Thesis director : Francis Godard

Since 1970, the Parisian Metro has repeatedly extended its reach into the suburbs. This work intends to grasp the relationship between the extension of metro lines into the dense suburban zone and the evolution of the surrounding urban fabric, by identifying both changes in land use and (re)emerging forms of polarisation in sectors that could be referred to as “pericentral”, which exhibit a pronounced spatial heterogeneity. We shall both question the notion of “effect” and resituate the question of metro line extensions within that of the general evolution of relationships between the capital city and its periphery. The results of this initial geographic and historic approach will contribute to a second prospective step concerning the plan to create circular suburban metro system, which has regularly reappeared on the agenda in recent years.

  • University : UMLV
  • Beginning : oct 2005
  • Defence : sept 2008
  • Financing : ADEME INRETS